Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Old Theme: How Do We Know Whether It's Assisted Suicide Or Murder?

Here's a detailed piece discussing a case that brings up the point - again - that it's impossible to know whether it was assisted suicide or murder. The only person who would tell the truth is dead. If the assister did kill, they are highly unlikely to admit it.
Assisted suicide or manslaughter?
In December 2010, at the Crown Court in Sheffield, George Webb (known as Hugh Webb), was convicted of the manslaughter of his wife Beryl on the ground of diminished responsibility. The 72-year-old was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment, but was granted leave to appeal to the Court of Appeal.
When the matter came on for hearing earlier this year, the following tragic story emerged. The couple, who had no children, had been married for nearly 50 years. While their marriage had not always been happy, during their last 15 years together they were a devoted couple “within the terms of their own relationship”. more

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