Friday, December 9, 2011

A Sane Response To The Clamor For Assisted Suicide In The UK

More on the death of Geraldine McClelland earlier this week  (see posts below) - a sane response to the rush for legalized killing.
Why Geraldine McClelland's sad death shows that we must never legalise euthanasia
The case of Geraldine McClelland, the BBC producer with ravaging cancer who took herself off to Switzerland for an assisted suicide, is desperately sad.
But the awful misery of her death should not stop us from challenging her decision. Indeed, she left a letter so that we might discuss it in her absence. As a journalist, I imagine she would expect it to be subject to proper scrutiny.
Her letter is wrong in its two central points: Firstly, she did not have to travel to Switzerland to die peacefully, surrounded by her friends and family. more

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