Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hawai: No, There Is No Legalized Killing Despite What The Pro-Deathers Say

Here’s a little more on the pro-deathers spin to assert that assisted suicide and euthanasia are already legal in Hawaii. Hint: It’s not rue.
Assisted suicide still a no-go in Aloha State
In spite of proponents' unique approach to legalize it, Hawaii's ban on doctor-assisted suicide remains in place.
Supporters of assisted suicide tried to use a 1909 law that permits the use remedies not typically authorized for terminally ill patients, but Hawaii Attorney General David Louie has responded in a legal opinion that the state law "does not authorize physicians to assist terminally ill patients with dying." Attorney Rita Marker, who heads the Patients Rights Council, tells OneNewsNow what the dated law was meant to address. more

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