Saturday, December 3, 2011

Irish Piece Plays On Fear To Justify Assisted Suicide

Here's an Irish piece in the tank for assisted suicide and euthanasia pulling at all the same old, tired story lines: Misery, fear, etc., etc.
All lives are precious, but some are not worth enduring any more
If ever a story proves just what a weird and squalid little country this can be at times, it is surely this one. It was reported earlier in the week that a woman had been found dead in her apartment in Donnybrook.
So far, so sad; nobody wants to read about someone's death and, in most cases, it is a purely private tragedy -- a case of nothing to see here, move along.
But this case was different -- I'm not going to name the woman involved because it seems wrong and exploitative to use a person who dies in these circumstances to score some sort of point but the story goes like this: the woman was in excruciating agony in the end stages of motor neuron disease, a truly terrifying condition that incapacitates and humiliates you before it finally kills you.
The woman and a friend went to a travel agent in Dublin and booked two tickets to Switzerland -- but only one of them was a return. more

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