Thursday, December 8, 2011

Media Spin About Oregon's Assisted Suicide Statutes

Here's a piece that has the patina of balance but shows its true colors toward the end. One example: the piece cites work that says nobody in Oregon has ever undergone assisted suicide while disabled or depressed. This doesn’t square with Oregon’s own records that in most cases patients never even have a psychological consult.
Op-Ed: To be or not to be is the question, but should it be a choice?
It is not illegal in North America and many other jurisdictions around the world to kill yourself or attempt to commit suicide. However, it is illegal almost worldwide to assist a person to commit suicide. PAS is legal is just four jurisdictions around the world.
Many believe that the driving force behind the ban on PAS and euthanasia is a religious one. However, a look at what some in the medical community have to say about PAS tells a different story. more

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