Thursday, December 8, 2011

Huh? Assisted Suicide "Role Models"

Ah yes, now we have "role model deaths" to make us all feel better about killing ourselves. What's next, an annual award for the "Best Assisted Suicide of the Year?"
'Good death' in Swiss clinic held up as model
Kathleen (Kay) Carter achieved the kind of "good death" that applicants in a right-to-die case say should be a right for all Canadians - the only problem was that she had to leave the country to get it.
Ms. Carter's death, at a Dignitas clinic in Forch, Switzerland last year, has been cited several times in a case now before the Supreme Court of British Columbia in which a group of individuals and the B.C. Civil Liberties Association is challenging Criminal Code sanctions that make physician-assisted suicide illegal. more

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