Wednesday, December 21, 2011

UK: Some Hospitals Sentence Patients To Death

The perfect storm of death is gathering in the UK. Here, a report on the appalling state of NHS hospitals that literally kill people through absolute negligence. Trust me, this will feed into the push for assisted suicide and euthanasia - and the logic will be: Who wants to live like that?
Shamed hospital accused of leaving dying patients to starve
Lawyers are planning a "class action" on behalf of 23 families who contacted them with "shocking" claims of indignities and the most basic failings in care.
They believe the families who have contacted them so far about care at Alexandra Hospital, in Redditch, West Midlands, may represent "the tip of the iceberg".
The number of potential claims make it the biggest group action of its type since hundreds died in appalling conditions at Stafford Hospital, leading to a public inquiry which is expected to criticise the wider failings of the NHS and of regulators' failures to protect patients, when it reports next year. more

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