Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Canadian Medicos Try To Tell Us That Assisted Suicide & Euthanasia Are “Settled” – Don’t Believe It

Now the next propaganda phase begins in Canada. Note that while a private bill related to assisted suicide has been introduced and has been debated, the law of the land is still that assisted suicide and euthanasia are illegal. But here’s another propaganda tool – even though you haven’t won the day, start to make people think that the matter is already settled (in your favor, of course). Therefore, pretend that the debate is over, and while you’re at it, call, pompously, for a “measured debate.” Anytime you see something from the pro-deathers that sounds like they want to have a reasonable debate, know that you are being had, trust me.
Time to move on from the euthanasia debate
In living, suffering and dying, most of us want to extend the first, minimize the second and pass swiftly through the third. However, at the prospect of death, two views collide. The first holds that the length of our lives is in the hands of a higher power and that death can only be accepted as and when it comes. The second is that we have full autonomy over how we live and that we can choose when and how we die. We certainly live in a time when we have more potential control over our dying. But when it’s needed, the discussion about that control –– by whom and how much — seems to lead to enmeshed families at the bedside or to entrenched positions in public discourse. more

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