Monday, March 22, 2010

It's Not the Selfishness of Suicide - It's the Pesky, Bad Law, Don't Ya Know?

Oh, puhleeeze..... The pro-death crowd will stop at nothing to make sure that assisted suicide (and in this case plain old suicide) and euthanasia will be available for everyone who, the very moment they decide it, should be able to die - IMMEDIATELY. Read this - and, well........ It's not the cold, narcissistic, self-centered, selfish act of committing suicide that is the problem, it's that if you want to deprive your loved ones of your company, you should have the legal right to do it with the blessing of the law in the comfort of your own home with the admiration and awe of those around you for doing such a loving thing.
Family claim Patrick Hearn left home to die because euthanasia is illegal
A FORMER police superintendent missing for almost three years wandered off from his family and lay under a bush in suburban Melbourne to die because euthanasia is illegal, his family claims. more

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