Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pro-Deather Propaganda’s Darling: Debbie Purdy

If you’re around the pro-deathers for any length of time, you learn how they operate to shove their ideas down everyone else’s throats. Take Debbie Purdy, poster woman for the right to die movement in the UK. It was Purdy who eventually forced the Government to “clarify” UK laws on the books to prosecute people who assist others to kill themselves. The “clarification” actually ended up, arguably, condoning assisted suicide. But see, Purdy is now a hero – hence the love-fest from a Scottish piece a few days ago. It’s all here: The brave disabled woman, her loving husband, her valiant struggle, the big dab government and their pesky laws, and, I submit, propaganda thinly veiled as “news.”
Purdy, MS sufferer
DEBBIE PURDY lives in a traditional terraced street in Bradford, the stone houses all leaning into one another's shoulders on the hill, the front doors opening directly on to the street. The white front door is more gleaming than the rest, and opens with an electronic click, as if we've jumped suddenly from Hovis advert to James Bond movie. Disconcerting. Past the open door, a woman in a wheelchair becomes visible. Her face is instantly fascinating. Such animation. A nose that wrinkles with explosions of humour. A mobile, expressive mouth. Blue-grey eyes that suddenly light up like Christmas trees. It would be hard to find a more 'alive' face than this woman's. more

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