Monday, March 15, 2010

Well, We Have Do-It-Yourself Everything, Why Not Euthanasia?

That intrepid Aussie, Philip Nitschke, isn't called "Dr. Death" for nothing. For years he's been on an intense crusade to make assisted suicide and euthanasia more user-friendly. He's been rebuffed several times in the UK for trying to present his workshops, and is trying again. Given the near-collapse of opposition to assisted suicide and euthanasia in the UK, he may well be allowed to peddle is special brand of nihilism this time around.
DIY Euthanasia: 'Dr Death' Allowed Into UK
Philip Nitschke used to be an ordinary GP, but 14 years ago he became an advocate for assisted suicide and now travels the world holding classes on how to end human life.
He estimates that in the last year around 5,000 people have attended his workshops.
His organisation, Exit International, also sells a do-it-yourself euthanasia kit, though Dr Nitschke stresses that he makes no profit from doing so. more

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