Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Killing Yourself To Make A Point

Yes, folks, there are an increasing number of people stepping up to kill themselves and leave notes chastising the rest of us for not having convenient laws to help them do it. Read this, and see if at some level it doesn’t give you, as the Brits would say, “the creeps.” The "pain of old age," indeed.
Couple took own lives to end pain of old age
Dennis and Flora Milner commit suicide and send letters to the BBC and the Labour Party to highlight issues of euthanasia.
A couple who could no longer face old age gassed themselves in a suicide pact, an inquest heard today.
Dennis, 83, and Flora Milner, 81, pinned a note to the door of their home saying what they were ‘thinking of doing had been done’.
They also wrote letters to the Labour Party, the BBC and their local newspaper highlighting the issues of euthanasia, before taking their own lives. more

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