Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hey, Why Not Use Euthanasia To End Elder Abuse?

Given the serious push for assisted suicide and euthanasia Down Under, this report of a huge jump in elder abuse in Aussie care facilities is especially troubling. It’s bad enough that it’s happening, but trust me, sooner rather than later some pro-deather will say something along these lines: “Our elderly shouldn’t have to suffer elder abuse, and it definitely affects their quality of life in a negative way. They should have the right to assisted suicide or euthanasia so they don’t have to be subjected to abuse.” Sound far-fetched?? I wouldn’t bet on it.
Elder Abuse In and Out of Nursing Homes a Growing Problem
Australian Department of Health and Ageing has released a new report which shows an alarming rise in physical assaults on the elderly in nursing homes: physical assaults increased by more than 50% and sexual assaults by 36%. more

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