Friday, March 26, 2010

Why Is The First Choice Always Death?

There's no doubt that terminal illness is a profoundly difficult situation. And, I agree that it's difficult to know what people are thinking in that circumstance. However, as this story relates, more and more people in difficult conditions are choosing assisted suicide over anything else. I don't know what Johnny Hinckleton's personal circumstance was. But I do know this - his loved ones and colleagues seem to find his decision to kill himself brave, rather than sad - it's part spin, and part, I think, the default position that death is preferable to life. Why are these people crowing about killing rather celebrating being around their loved one in care, love, and comfort. What am I missing????
Johnny Hicklenton dies at Swiss euthanasia clinic
A man who featured in a documentary about his battle against multiple sclerosis has died at a euthanasia clinic in Switzerland.
Renowned graphic artist Johnny Hicklenton, best known for his work on comic books Judge Dredd and 2000AD, visited the Dignitas assisted suicide clinic after a ten year fight against the disease.
Friend Adam Lavis, who co-directed the TV documentary, travelled with 42-year-old Mr Hicklenton to the clinic.
He described the Brighton artist as a “warrior.” more

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