Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Term Euthanasia Too Negative? Why, Change It To A More Palatable Word

Ah yes. The term euthanasia getting too negative a connotation? What’s a medical profession to do? Well, if you ask some Canadian physicians, you just need to (a) make learned noises about “having an honest debate” and (b) suggest that the negative term be changed to something more benign. It’s a simple propagandistic tool: They who control the language, control the debate.
Should Doctors Stop Saying "Euthanasia"?
Euthanasia is a polarizing term that confuses the debate about dying and should no longer be used by physicians, say the authors of an editorial in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.
"The end of life debate seems particularly burdened by confusion over the term 'euthanasia'," the authors write. "Both sides use it to further their ideological views: one side says murder, the other mercy; the right to live versus the right to die with dignity; selfishness versus compassion." more

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