Monday, March 29, 2010

Suffering? It's Always The Same - Die

The writer’s description of his wife’s last days is truly difficult to read. Nobody is for suffering, in whatever form. However, there are several things in the story that alarm me. For a start, if this woman was in a reputable palliative care program, then that program was not very effective, as it should have been. Then, having doctors advise on the most painless way to die is a concern. Why didn’t they send time informing about how to relieve her pain? Further, the story reads that in the end, medical personnel apparently euthanized his wife – a serious criminal; act. Predictably, the conclusion of the story is that we need to seriously begin considering legalizing euthanasia. Frightening.
Let’s get real about prohibitions against doctor assisted euthanasia
I stopped posting regular columns in November when my wife of forty years, Betty, was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. Her condition deteriorated rapidly despite the best treatment in the world at the highest rated cancer center in New England. She was hospitalized twice in Boston but never left the hospital the second time. . . Her intention was not to opt for lifetime dialysis plus having terminal cancer being treat with drugs that made her feel life wasn’t worth living. She knew the odds that even with chemo living a year was unlikely. more

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