Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Assisted Suicide in Washington State Just As Ugly As We Said It Would Be

Legal assisted suicide in Washington state is less than two years old, and the numbers for the first full year have just been released. It's not pretty. As some of us said ahead of the 08 referendum, the law was vague and left open the possibility of all kinds of abuse and criminal activity. It's also reinforced the idea that assisted suicide is an alternative medical treatment. Remember, too, that the assisted suicide extremists hoot that legalized assisted suicide is necessary mostly for people who are in unbearable pain. The results show that requesting suicide, in Washington state, at least, puts that little lie to rest - very few people stated unbearable pain (or the possibility thereof) as reasons for wanting to die.
Problems accompany legal euthanasia 
Assisted suicide has been legal for a year in Washington, and the state health department has issued its first report. 
During the first year, 63 people requested and received lethal prescriptions to kill themselves. 47 have since died, while 36 are confirmed to have used the poison to accomplish it. Although 79 percent suffered from cancer, few cited pain as the reason for seeking end of life treatment as the main concern was the cost for alternate treatment. more

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