Thursday, March 25, 2010

Would Euthanasia Be An Option Were It Not For The Pro-Death crowd?

There's no doubt that watching someone decline due to alzheimer's disease isn't easy. It's equally true that the psychological toll on loved ones is significant. However, I can't help wondering after reading this story that perhaps this man wouldn't be suggesting euthanasia for his wife if the culture of death wasn't so prevalent, leading to suggesting it as another, previously unthinkable option.
‘It breaks my heart’
A Hampstead man whose wife is being cared for at a Jacksonville Alzheimer’s facility says he should have the right to help his wife end her suffering by ending her life.
Jack Barnes, 81, has been married to his 80-year-old wife Faye for 59 years. He said they have had a long, fulfilling life together and now his wife wants to “die with dignity,” but North Carolina law does not permit euthanasia.
“It doesn’t make sense to keep her alive,” he said. “She’s basically dead.” more

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