Friday, March 26, 2010

Guess What? If People Think Pain Can Be Controlled, They Don't Want Assisted Suicide

Well, duh. . . . guess what, people in NZ are much more likely to favor assisted suicide if the subject is in terrible, excruciating pain. Take pain out of the equation, and favoring assisted suicide falls dramatically. Well the pain factor is something the pro-deathers prey on as mightily as they can. They're pretty quiet about the fact that expert palliative care can pretty much control almost every pain one can imagine.
Euthanasia Support Dependent On Circumstances
Public attitudes to euthanasia appear dependent on how much pain a person is suffering, according to findings from a University mail survey.
Nearly 70 percent of surveyed respondents to a School of Communication, Journalism and Marketing survey support assisted suicide for someone with a painful, incurable disease, provided a doctor gives the assistance.
Support drops to around 45 percent if the person is not in pain. That level of support is also recorded for a person neither in pain nor with an incurable disease but who is permanently and completely dependent on others for all their physical needs. more

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