Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pro-Deathers Spin Every Sad Situation They Find To Their Nihilistic Ends

Here’s a great example from New Zealand of how the pro-deathers seize the high ground in a case where they should be minding their own business. They just can’t help it - they want people dead. Let’s be clear: If anyone wants to starve themselves to death, then that is their slow method of committing suicide. We can differ as to whether the woman should be force-fed assuming she is in her right mind. However, what the pro-deathers do here is hijack a very difficult situation to say: “See, you shouldn’t have to starve to death if you want to die, we should have assisted suicide or euthanasia available to help you. Yeah, right…
Support for woman starving herself
Pro-euthanasia groups are supporting a disabled Wellington woman who is trying to starve herself to death.
Margaret Page has been living at a care home since 2006. She has refused to eat any food for the past ten days and indicated to the Dominion Post that everybody supports her decision, except her estranged husband who wants her taken to hospital and forced to eat. more

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