Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Here's the Reason Not to Kill Those in Unresponsive States - They Sometimes Wake Up!

This from Poland. The English is quaint, but the story's powerful nevertheless, about a man apparently in a permanently unresponsive state, presumed unconscious. Actually, (a) he recently recovered, and (b) he wasn't unconscious at all - he was aware of everything that was going on around him - including his doctors twisting his wife's hard to euthanize him.
Nineteen years in a coma. Jan Grzebski, the 65 year-old Polish man, occupied a distinguished role within the Media around the world. And, for an extraordinary fact he woke up from his long physical absence, other than spiritual. His profession was that of a rail worker, and in 1988 he suffered a serious labor related accident. And, he fell into a deep coma. However, he regained his consciousness back completely. He affirms that during all these passed years he was aware of all that was happening around him, even though he couldn’t move nor speak. more

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