Monday, March 22, 2010

Voice of Reason in the Canadian Push for Assisted Suicide

Here's a welcome and reasoned dissent that is in stark contrast to the assisted suicide extremists currently trying to force their pro-death views on all other Canadians.
To kill or not to kill?
Palliative care is a viable alternative to euthanasia and assisted suicide. The philosophy of palliative care encourages each patient to live to the fullest as they confront their own unique dying. Palliative care demonstrates death is a communal event and not simply a private matter. Those working in palliative care bring specialized skills to respond to pain, psychological distress and the spiritual needs of patients and their families.
If we are to truly honour and respect those among us who are dying, or those whose hold on life is weakened by disease or suffering, then we must keep company with these people and respond in concrete ways that communicate faithfulness and attentiveness. more

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