Saturday, March 13, 2010

Euthanasia Booths - Well, Sounds good to Me...

Well, yes, let's keep killing. Why not? It's love I tell you, love!!!

McCartney has it right in her piece First Do No Harm:
Martin Amis has called for “euthanasia booths” on every street corner. “There should be a way out for rational people,” he told the Sunday Times Magazine.
Sir Terry Pratchett, another bestselling author, who himself has early Alzheimer’s, campaigned in a recent lecture for the right to end life with medical assistance. He has offered to be a “test case” before a “euthanasia tribunal”, saying that no one should stand in the way of someone who has decided to die. “The tribunal would be acting for the good of society as well as that of the applicant,” he said. more

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