Monday, March 1, 2010

The So-Called Brit "Guidelines on Assisted Suicide" - Duh!!

The Brit DPP guidelines are so pro-death friendly that, now issued, problems arise. Really? Well, if you think this will be resolved in favor of life over killing, dream on. The pro-death crowd will rush to the cause, saying "We don't want doctors to be in jeopardy, we need more laws/clarification so that killing people does not put doctors in jeopardy."
Trust me, I'm a doctor..... yeah, right.
New assisted suicide guidelines 'put GPs at greater risk of prosecution'
MDU solicitior Ian Barker said: ‘Doctors who are usually legally required to provide reports and/or medical records when requested to do so by patients may find themselves in some difficulty when the patient who is requesting them is contemplating assisted suicide.' more

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