Monday, March 22, 2010

Weirdo's Bad Luck - He Wasn't Living in the UK

Here's a guy who's going to be prosecuted because he liked to watch others commit suicide on the web, sometimes egging them on. Too bad he's not based out of the UK - I'm sure he would have been able to assure authorities that he had no malevolent intent, and would thereby be off the hook. I'm half-expecting his defense to be that he was actually campaigning for the rights of people to show off their deaths electronically via the web. Wouldn't surprise me at all.
Revealed: The suicide voyeur nurse who 'encouraged people to kill themselves online'
In June 2005, an IT technician named Mark Drybrough hanged himself at his Coventry home.
A coroner ruled the 32-year-old depressive had committed suicide because of his mental illness. But the truth behind Mr Drybrough’s tragic death is far more chilling.
For months before his death, he had been chatting online with a notorious ‘suicide voyeur’ who is alleged to have trawled the internet looking for people who would kill themselves while he watched online. more

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