Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Czechs Seem To Like The Pro-Death Idea Of Euthanasia

Well, what a shock . . . another European country in the tank for euthanasia. Stay tuned for the valiant pro-deathers to introduce law to make it so. Aren’t we all terribly fortunate???
Poll: Czechs keep liberal approach to abortion, euthanasia
Prague, June 14 (CTK) - A major part of Czechs keep a tolerant approach to abortion and euthanasia, and want capital punishment to be reintroduced, a CVVM agency's poll has shown. . . .
As far as euthanasia is concerned, people's opinions have not profoundly changed in the past four years. According to 61 percent of Czechs, the national law should make euthanasia possible, while 29 percent are opposed to this. more

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