Saturday, June 26, 2010

Death Clinics In Oregon - Heck, Why Not??

 An Oregon psychiatrist wants to open a death clinic al la the Dignitas death clinic in Switzerland. There’s a certain logic being employed – Switzerland has legalized assisted sucide and permits death clinics. Oregon has legalized assisted suicide so why not a death clinic in that state? Prediction: there’ll be lots of faux concern, much head scratching, a legal case or two (with the requisite killing-is-a-brave-and-loving-act shtick) and sooner rather than later, it’ll happen. And then the dominoes will fall elsewhere. Trust me.
Death with Dignity house planned in Portland
PORTLAND — Portland psychiatrist Dr. Stuart Weisberg plans to open a house in the Sellwood neighborhood where the terminally ill can kill themselves under Oregon’s Death with Dignity Law.
Weisberg told KGW-TV he felt compelled to act after watching a TV interview with Dr. Jack Kevorkian, who pioneered assisted suicide. Under Oregon law, a terminally ill state resident with only six months to live may receive a lethal dose of drugs from a pharmacy if two doctors agree. The Oregon Department of Human Services reports 59 people used the law last year to end their lives. more

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