Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Those Pesky Aussie Laws Against Assisted Suicide . . .

Police are investigating, but this looks like a murder-suicide, with a husband killing his terminally ill wife and then himself. As usual, pro-death Aussie Philip Nitschke head for the cameras to say it was all the law’s fault, and that this wouldn’t have been such a shame if the wife was allowed to be killed and her husband survive.
Nitschke calls for changes after couple's death
The bodies of 66-year-old John Carl Stewart and his 61-year-old terminally ill wife Jennifer Anne Stewart were found on Monday by their daughter in their Sawyers Valley home.
Dr Nitschke has confirmed the pair were members of his euthanasia group, Exit International.
Police are investigating whether Mr Stewart played a role in his wife's death.
Dr Nitschke says family members who assist with suicide face life imprisonment under WA's current euthanasia laws. more

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