Monday, June 21, 2010

We Need To Use The Pro-Deather's Tactics Against Them - Lessons 1 & 2

We need to pay more attention to the pro-deathers’ tactics, because we have some lessons to learn.

Let me just discuss two recent events, both noted here at Alive & Kicking.

First, the Final Exit Network (FEN).

FEN is in deep trouble with the Feds in Arizona, Maryland, and Georgia. In Arizona, the Feds have handed down an indictment on a FEN member involved in helping kill a woman with serious psychological problems. A FEN office holder has been indicted in Maryland, and FEN was busted in Georgia in an undercover sting that showed their complete disregard for anything more that helping kill as many people as possible.

For most self-respecting organizations, this would be enough reason to head for cover.

Not so FEN.

President Jerry Ricin came out with media interview where he held forth about what a good and caring bunch FEN were, and that the indicted FEN members are just very brave frontiersmen who should be celebrated, not indicted.

Then, news over the weekend that FEN has paid for billboard advertising for assisted suicide in San Francisco.

Lesson to be learned: In the battle against the pro-deathers, remember that spin, propaganda, and downright deceit, are the order of the day. Never forget that these people will do whatever it takes (legal or illegal, ethical or not ethical) to make more people dead.
Never forget that.

Second, in Scotland, MP Margo Macdonald has continued her press for legislation allowing assisted suicide. She’s been at it for a while. She’s so deep into the pro-death camp that last year she suggest assisted suicide be legalized even for children.

Contrary to MacDonald’s spin, open hearings showed that most professionals were against legalized killing.

Here’s what Macdonald said, when asked for her reaction to this severe setback:
"This doesn't surprise me. Nor does it discourage me.”
Lesson to be learned: No matter how soundly there ideas are defeated, the pro-deathers don’t quit – they regroup, reload, and reengage.

Over and over again.

We must do the same.

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