Monday, June 7, 2010

Scotland: Assisted Suicide Foxes Watching The Parliamentary Henhouse

We’ve seen this before. For example, Oregon’s 1997 assisted suicide law was written under heavy influence of the pro-deathers. Now the same is happening in Scotland. MP Margo MacDonald (she of calling for assisted suicide for children last year) is appointing an pro-deather to a panel discussing the acceptability of legalized assisted suicide. Gee, why aren’t I shocked?
Pro-lifers hit out over suicide bill committee
AN author who has argued for assisted suicide has been appointed adviser to the Holyrood committee scrutinising MSP Margo MacDonald's bill calling for sick people to be given the right to die.
Pro-life campaigners are angered by the appointment of Alison Britton, the co-author of The Case For Assisted Suicide, to her position as the committee's only adviser and sought assurances that she will be impartial. more

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