Saturday, June 26, 2010

Killing People Is Profitable? Who'da Thunk It?

Killing people profitable? Not exactly a new idea. But at least the mask is starting to slip from the visage of Ludwig Minelli, the owner of Swiss death clinic Dignitas, who now, it’s revealed, is a multimillionaire. He says his stash was inherited. Well, maybe, but at the hefty fee he charges to help kill people, I’d be willing to lay bets on that “inheritance” angle.
Report: Clinic Founder May Profit From Assisted Suicide
ZURICH, Switzerland (June 24) -- A Swiss magazine alleged this week that the founder of Dignitas, the controversial clinic that helps terminally ill people meet a "dignified death" and has been accused of promoting "death tourism," could be profiting from the mercy killings.
Ludwig A. Minelli, a former journalist and lawyer, has been under the spotlight here and abroad since 1998, when he founded the Zurich-based clinic. The magazine, Beobachter, alleged that tax records have shown that Minelli had no taxable personal fortune registered when he founded the clinic, but by 2007 had amassed a personal fortune of $1.8 million. more

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