Monday, June 14, 2010

The Myth That Assisted Suicide Is Only For The Terminally Ill

We’ll probably never know why two talented youngsters decided to kill themselves. What we do know is that they probably died using techniques championed by Aussie’s “Doctor Death,” Philip Nitschke. I find it ironic that in the UK every time somebody shoots someone else there are renewed calls for banning all firearms, yet nobody seems in a hurry to ban Nitschke’s “suicide by computer."
‘Suicide by laptop’ riddle of two brilliant students found dead in hotel room
Two brilliant university students were found dead together in a hotel room after apparently rigging up a laptop to deliver lethal injections in what is thought to have been a suicide pact.
Friends Robert Miller, 20, and 19-year-old James Robertson – both described as highly intelligent – were found slumped in chairs.
Their bodies were discovered facing each other at the £65-a-night Ramada Jarvis Hotel in Ayr – 80 miles from where they were both studying for joint maths and physics degrees at Edinburgh University. more

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