Tuesday, June 29, 2010

In Idaho, Proposals To Have Medicos Withhold Care If THEY See Fit

Seeing that many of us warned about rationed care before the horror of Obamacare passed, and that the AARP fell over themselves to support it, all of a sudden the AARP is astonished that Idaho is proposing a law that would allow medical professionals - NOT THE PATIENT – and as a matter of their conscience, to withhold medical care at the end of life if THEY (the medicos) see fit. Tell me this isn’t doctor power in its rawest, nihilistic form.
Law affects end-of-life care
COEUR d'ALENE - A new law goes into effect July 1 giving Idaho health care workers the right to refuse to provide end-of-life care they find morally objectionable.
Some fear the legislation places the conscience of a caregiver ahead of a dying person's rights. more

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