Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Aussie Drumbeat To Legalize Euthanasia Continues

Here’s some commentary on the second reading of a proposed euthanasia bill in Aussie. It’s the usual death-with-dignity claptrap we’ve come to expect. It remains to be seen whether this will make it into law, but I’m not betting it won’t, I assure you.
Voluntary Euthanasia Bill 2009: Second Reading Speech
I am proud to introduce the Voluntary Euthanasia Bill 2009. This bill will afford immunity from criminal prosecution and civil ramifications to a person who assists a suffering terminally ill patient to die, provided that person acts in accordance with the terms of the bill. This bill is not about legalising suicide. This bill is not about
devaluing life or about pushing the boundaries of morality. This bill is about giving choice to a suffering terminally ill person and about providing civil and criminal immunity to those people who assist such a person to carry out that choice. This bill is about nothing more than that. more

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