Monday, June 21, 2010

Proposed Pro-Deather Legislation Slapped Down In Scotland

A Scottish MP, Margo MacDonald, has been trying to introduce legislation in the Scottish Parliament to legalize assisted suicide. She’s a true pro-deater – even advocating assisted suicide for children. Yes, you read correctly, assisted suicide for children. However, when her ideas were opened to public debate, sentiments were heavily against legalizing assisted suicide. However, no resting on laurels, please, because at the end of the piece MacDonald remains unfazed, and will be back again, bloodied for now but definitely unbowed.
Opponents deal a blow to MacDonald's assisted suicide bill
MARGO MacDonald's bid to introduce assisted suicide in Scotland has been dealt a blow, with the vast majority of people giving evidence to Holyrood on the issue declaring that they oppose her bill. Analysis of the reaction generated by Ms MacDonald's End of Life Assistance Bill has revealed that 87 per cent of those who took time to produce written evidence were against it. more

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