Thursday, June 24, 2010

UK's Latest Killer Doctor The Next Harold Shipman - I Agree

Here’s more on the UK Brit doctor, Howard Martin. The piece argues that Martin is no different than the UK’s most infamous doctor-killer, Dr. Harold Shipman, who probably killed hundreds. I agree wholeheartedly.
Death doctor Howard Martin and Dignity in Dying have more in common with
Dr Howard Martin, struck off by the General Medical Council last week and facing a second criminal investigation into the deaths of several of his patients, is anxious to distance himself from mass-murderer Harold Shipman. Dr Shipman, he says, was “a psychopath”, while Dr Martin claims he was acting out of “Christian compassion”. I’m not sure how Dr Martin can invoke Christianity here, since the gospel enjoins us to visit the sick and comfort the dying, not to kill them, but there we are.
And the GMC described Dr Martin, who has openly boasted of ending the lives of several of his patients, as “egregious, despicable and dangerous”, which are adjectives that could be applied to the late Dr Shipman, even if there are other, worse ones to describe him too. Furthermore, what Dr Martin and Dr Shipman appear to have in common is as follows: They both believed they had an infallible responsibility for deciding when a patient should die (interestingly, Dr Martin claims to have done this with the dying patients’ relatives, which is supposed to make it right); they both appeared to believe that it was in some way ethical for a doctor to kill his patients, or “help them to die” are the weasel-words that euthanasia lobbyists use; they both appear to have believed that some lives, usually those of the terminally ill, are not worth living, which is an unusual judgment for a doctor to make, to say the least. And both of them seem to have had no problem with their conscience while playing God. more

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