Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pro-Deathers Begin To Infiltrate Churches

The pro-deathers continue to seep into every single place they can with their message of a happy death. It’s not surprising, therefore, that they have begun to infiltrate organized religion to co-opt churches and their members to their will. They’ve already started doing this in the hospice movement.
Speakers at CHA workshop assess tactics of assisted suicide proponents
DENVER (CNS) -- Proponents of assisted suicide are using the U.S. church's own revised ethical directives as "propaganda to promote" their cause, a physician and Franciscan brother told a workshop at the Catholic Health Association convention June 14.
Compassion & Choices, a national organization created from the merger of the former Hemlock Society and Compassion in Dying in 2005, is telling people that the "Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services" now require that "everyone will have a feeding tube rammed down their throat" at Catholic health facilities, said Franciscan Brother Daniel P. Sulmasy. more

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