Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another Brit Doctor Happily Admits He Killed Patients

Howard Martin is the latest Brit MD to heroically admit that he killed some of his patents. For their benefit, of course. Several inquiries by the Brit medical authorities concluded that he was responsible for scores of deaths, and revoked his medical license.
Now everyone in the UK is wringing their hands as to whether he might be prosecuted. Given the current popular sympathy for euthanasia and assisted sucide, I wouldn’t bet on it.
Dr Howard Martin: Admission of hastening death could lead to further investigation
Over the past decade, teams of officers and coroners have looked into claims that the GP killed elderly and terminally ill people by injecting them with morphine.
He stood trial in 2005 for murdering three former patients but refused to give evidence and was acquitted.
Dr Howard Martin's admission could lead to the police re-opening the case.
His new confession that he “made them comfortable in their hour of need”, together with a damning verdict by the General Medical Council that his “despicable and dangerous” conduct did hasten the deaths of 18 patients could mean fresh police action.
Thanks to Labour’s Criminal Justice Act 2003, the ancient right of “double jeopardy” that prevented defendants being tried twice for the same crime has been removed. more

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