Thursday, June 3, 2010

Good For The UK's Baroness Campbell For Opposing Assisted Suicide Legislation Changes

Baroness Campbell in the UK has been a very vocal opposition to the pro-deathers who are chipping away at laws that make assisted sucide a crime. The Baroness has lived with her severe disability for years and sees no need to legalize anyone helping her, or anyone else, for that matter, from kicking the bucket.
Disability campaigner Baroness Campbell urges MPs not to relax assisted suicide law
Baroness Campbell of Surbiton wants politicians to sign a charter declaring that disabled and terminally ill people should receive protection and support services, to prevent them feeling under pressure to end their lives prematurely.
She is also calling on the Commons to resist any new attempts to legalise assisted suicide – where one person helps another die – or euthanasia, in which doctors deliver the fatal dose. more

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