Tuesday, June 1, 2010

When Faced With Serious Illness, He Chose To Live

Here’s someone who has walked the walk, considered assisted suicide, didn’t do it, and was able to be a great support for his family. This says it all about why we don’t need the assisted suicide/euthanasia route – life is too precious.
Dad who survived cancer against the odds tells why he’s so against assisted suicide
A DAD-OF-THREE has spoken of his trauma after he conquered the terminal cancer that had convinced him to end his life – only to see his wife killed by the same disease. . . .
After doctors told him he could have as little as six weeks to live, he started to discuss the prospect of assisted suicide with his beloved wife Lynne – fearful of the effect his debilitating illness would have on his children, Jody, then 10, Jamie, six, and baby Zac, who was just six weeks old. The cancer went into full remission for 11 years – allowing him to attend his daughter’s wedding, and see all three children forge successful careers. . . .
Jody, now 30, is a building society manager, Jamie, 26, is a teacher and Zac, 20, runs his own gardening business.
When the cancer returned in 2001, he was given an operation that left him in a wheelchair – but crucially still able to be there for his kids.
And they would need him to be – because the next year he tragically and unexpectedly lost his wife to liver cancer at the age of 49. more

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