Sunday, October 10, 2010

Actor Michael Caine Supports Medicalized Murder

It’s all so predictable. The fashionable cause of the day (euthanasia) gets everyone to come out of the woodwork, including prominent artists like Michael Caine, who’s now chirping happily that he asked a doctor to kill his father years ago. (Being the brave man he apparently is, he kept that news from his mother – what a guy!!) The media doesn’t help in this story either, because they think assisted sucide and euthanasia are the same. Chumps all.
I persuaded doctor to end my dying father's life at 56, admits Michael Caine
Sir Michael Caine has revealed that he asked a doctor to help his gravely ill father die.
The doctor gave his father an overdose to end his suffering when he was dying in hospital from liver cancer – a secret Caine never revealed to his mother.
The star - who has won two Oscars - has now expressed his support for mercy killings. more

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