Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Finally: UK Researchers Blow The Lid Off "Transparent" Oregon Legalized killing

Well, many of us have been saying this for years, but a UK report is getting traction that n Oregon, not all is peachy as the pro-deathers would have us believe.
British think tank: Oregon residents doctor-shop for help with suicide
MANCHESTER, England (CNS) -- A British think tank said a U.S. assisted-suicide law might have created a phenomenon of "doctor-shopping" for physicians willing to ignore safeguards to help healthy people kill themselves.
A report claims that the 1997 Oregon Death With Dignity Act is being abused -- with the help of some physicians -- by people who do not fulfill the criteria of being terminally ill, mentally competent and able to make a free choice.
Called "What is Happening in Oregon?" the report by Living and Dying Well, a group of prominent British medical and legal experts, was sent to British members of Parliament Oct. 25 to counter claims by assisted-suicide campaigners that the Oregon law is a model of effective regulation that should be adopted in the United Kingdom.
The report's author, Dr. David Jeffrey, a senior lecturer in palliative medicine at Scotland's Edinburgh University, and researcher Madeleine Teahan, examined 12 annual reports from the Oregon Public Health Division on the working of the act since 1998.
The report said that when the Oregon law was enacted, about a third of all people who requested help in committing suicide were referred to psychiatrists, but by 2009 no one was being sent for counseling. more

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