Saturday, October 9, 2010

Killing Is Killing In War Or In The Hospital

This piece makes a good point: Soldier in battle kills a mortally wounded enemy because there is considerable suffering and no hope of making him better. How is this different from euthanasia? I don’t think there is any difference – none.
Semrau verdict and euthanasia debate showing the gaps in Canadian law
Former Canadian Forces officer Robert Semrau was thrown out of the military for disgraceful conduct related to the mercy killing of a mortally wounded Taliban.
On Tuesday, Canadian army Captain Robert Semrau was demoted and kicked out of the military as punishment for disgraceful conduct on the battlefield — namely, firing two shots at a Taliban who’d been mortally wounded in an American helicopter attack. Capt. Semrau judged there was no hope of recovery for this man. Medical care was too far, and too long, away, and almost certainly hopeless besides. He made a very old-fashioned decision that likely saved his battlefield opponent considerable agony. more

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