Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Insulting Terri Schiavo - Even After All These years

Ah, the spin, the spin. The media are so in the pocket of the pro-deathers!! This headline implies that the legalistas at this event were from Terri's side, because when you say “Schiavo” that’s immediately who we all think of. Au contraire, mon amis. All the schlubs at this event were those hell-bent on killing her, including the black-robed executioner himself, Judge Greer. Disgusting.
Schiavo Legal Team Discusses Thoughts on Value of Life
Members of the legal team who worked on the historic case involving Terri Schiavo — the deceased Florida woman whose husband’s decision to cut her off from life-sustaining medical equipment sparked a debate about the rights of those in permanent vegetative states — gathered at the Emory University School of Law on Oct. 15 for a panel which rehashed many of the issues that divided much of the country and Congress in the spring of 2005. more

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