Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ah, Yes, Helping Kill Someone Is "Merciful"

I was on this story Thursday (see below). OK, so her conviction was overturned but now she faces a new trial. Again, as I’ve said often, I don’t know why the legal eagles bother. You just know the pro-deathers are going to some out in force about what a “compassionate” soul she is. Spin Alert: Note the title of the piece – helping someone kill themselves is “mercy.” Uh-huh.
New trial granted for mercy killer Shirley Justins
A WOMAN who killed her partner of 18 years with a euthanasia drug had her manslaughter conviction quashed yesterday.
However, the Court of Criminal Appeal has ordered Shirley Justins to face a new trial.
In November, 2008, the then 60-year-old was convicted and sentenced to 22 months periodic detention after a jury found her guilty of the manslaughter of former Qantas pilot Graeme Wylie, 75.
He died from a lethal dose of the barbiturate Nembutal at his home in Cammeray in 2006. more

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