Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pro-Deather Old Lies In Tasmania

Ya know, I’m getting really, REALLY tired of the “pain and suffering” pro-deather point. If people die in unbearable pain and suffering, it’s because their doltish doctors are pretty clueless, usually, about palliative care and advanced pain management. They trot this argument out because the average reader, uninformed, swallows the lie hook, line, and death clinic.
Euthanasia Bill given support
TASMANIANS deserve the right to die with dignity, says a national euthanasia advocate.
YourLastRight chairman Neil Francis arrived in Tasmania yesterday in a bid to rally support for Tasmania's Dying With Dignity Bill, which is currently subject to public consultation.
Mr Francis said passing the legislation could give terminally ill Tasmanians the option to die without pain and suffering. more

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