Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pro-Deathers Agenda Peeps Thru: Killing For All

Swiss Death Clinic supremo Ludwig Minelli is at it again. He’s been quiet for a while after hundreds of urns containing ashes of his victims turned up in Lake Geneva. Now hey, how about killing the loved ones (even if healthy) of those his clinic helps to kill?? I’m sure some people will be shocked – although I think it’s a logical next step to utter nihilism.
Let the distraught partners of terminally ill who commit suicide die too, says Dignitas boss
Dignitas clinic head Ludwig Minelli says relatives should be allowed to have prescriptions for suicide drugs even when they are not terminally ill
The founder of controversial Swiss clinic Dignitas has said a person whose terminally ill partner commits suicide should also be given help to die – even if they are perfectly healthy. more

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