Thursday, October 28, 2010

Earth To Aussie Authorities: Don't Waste Your Time Trying To Uphold Laws Against Assisted Suicide

In a very dark, strange way, this story is quite amusing. Man has advanced Alzheimer’s, wants to die. Is evaluated at Swiss killing clinic Dignitas, but they won’t help kill him, because he’s not in his right mind. Aussie partner eventually puts lethal drugs in said man’s reach, he takes it & dies. Woman convicted/sentenced for manslaughter. Conviction overturned on a technicality. Here’s the amusing part: Why are the Aussie authorities going through all this? The Dutch already kill people with advanced Alzheimer’s – and here’s their rationale: Yes, they weren’t in their right mind, but had they been they would have requested assisted suicide or euthanasia. Oy . . .
Retrial ordered in euthanasia drug case
A Sydney woman found to have killed her ailing partner who took a euthanasia drug has been ordered to face a retrial after her manslaughter conviction was quashed.
Shirley Justins, 62, has already served the 22-month periodic detention sentence imposed on her in November 2008.
A jury had acquitted her of murder but found her guilty of the manslaughter - by gross criminal negligence - of former Qantas pilot Graeme Wylie, 71. more

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