Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Evil Of Making Murderers Merciful And Their Punishment Injustice

I’ve been around pro-deather lies long enough to not get too steamed by their duplicity, narcissism, macabre death wish, or their propaganda. However, some poor schmuck has written a very sympathetic book about the murderer Robert Larimer, a Canadian who gassed his severely cerebral palsied daughter claiming it was in  her best interest. Frighteningly, many in Canada agreed with him. And here’s a book that makes the Latimers out to be the victims. Justice? Mercy? The Latimers are still alive – Tracy was sniffed out like some throw-away piece of garbage. Excuse me while I leave this post to throw up.
A Story of Justice and Mercy
Robert Latimer is not here. The Saskatchewan farmer jailed by the Supreme Court of Canada for killing his severely disabled daughter is missing from Gary Bauslaugh's Robert Latimer: A Story of Justice and Mercy.
His wife, Laura, is invisible, too.
The facts of their horrible struggle are here, and there are quotes from him and her, culled from public sources. But the couple that captured a nation's emotional attention for so long is not to be found.
Latimer makes it clear he didn't want to share his soul with author Gary Bauslaugh, and who can blame him? And for her part, Laura has fiercely defended the family's privacy for nearly 20 years.
Theirs is a story we all want to hear, but their voices remain muted. more

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