Friday, October 8, 2010

Shocker: (not): Euthanasia Goes Unreported In Belgium

A new study of euthanasia in Belgium has just been published in the British Medical Journal. Surprise!!! Not all euthanasias are reported (duh). Among the reasons why not: Well it seems that some doctors who do the killing don’t think they are euthanizing patients, so hey, what’s to report? Ah yes, remember the pro-deathers bending over backwards to convince us that that’s why we needed to make euthanasia legal in the first place. So that this kind of thing wouldn’t happen?
Reporting of euthanasia in medical practice in Flanders, Belgium: cross sectional analysis of reported and unreported cases
Conclusions One out of two euthanasia cases is reported to the Federal Control and Evaluation Committee. Most non-reporting physicians do not perceive their act as euthanasia. Countries debating legalisation of euthanasia should simultaneously consider developing a policy facilitating the due care and reporting obligations of physicians. more

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